“Mimi on a mission. Sex Ed” BBC iPlayer, 5 Episode Series.

Independent documentary films and online content Production Company Peggy Pictures developed a TV Box set for BBC iPlayer on Sex Education titled “Mimi on a Mission”. The 5 Episodes series features Mimi Missfit taking seven British teens to Holland on a fact finding mission to learn everything about sex, love and relationships. The journey exposes the shortcomings of sex education in British schools when compared to the progressive dutch system. It is quickly revealed how kids as young as 7 in Holland can be more informed than british kids ten years their older and amusingly even Mimi herself (aged 24!) realises to be considerably ill informed when it comes to certain urban myths as well as some basic anatomy.  The series celebrates all sexualities and intersperses essential education with often cringey and hilarious anecdotes by exposing the different backgrounds and personalities of the seven protagonists at the doorstep of adulthood, dealing with anything from love to sexual orientation, identity and health.

I was commissioned to collaborate with Peggy Pictures to devise the overall Art Direction and brand world, as well as the design and animation of a range of elements from programme titles and graphics, through to social media and events. I rarely get into copywriting but in this case I also get a credit to have come up with the Name for the series. 

Watch the REEL below


Commissioning Editor, BBC: Kez Margrie
Production Company: Peggy Pictures
Executive Producer: Ida Ven Bruusgaard
Series Producer: Danni Davis
Series Director: Tom Power
Series Art Director: Marco Ammannati