The Crush Title sequence and Animating Numbers.

Mainstage Sunday. Programme Package Art Direction, Type Design, Illustration.

M.I.A. Galang. Music Promo. Illustrations and Animation. Dir. Reuben Flescher.


MTV Tony Blair Forum. Is War the Answer? Title Sequence. Direction, Model Making, Animation.

MTV Staying Alive. Identity. Logo Trade Mark Design. Visit Staying Alive to know more


Cyd & Emma. Retro Chic Clothing Brand for girls and boys. Check them out here. and here.

Mabel Creative: 'The First Lady of Advertising'. Identity Design.

Studio Two. Hair Dresser. Sussex. Identity.

Stella Mc Cartney. Fragrance. Packaging Design.

My Tees. Sweat-Shirt. Hand Painted Illustration.

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 00.48.42.png

Poster. Illustration. Commissioned by Devilfish to decorate their Meeting Room.

Issey Miyake. New York Tribeca Store. Catalogue and Events printed material.

Pencil etc. Life Drawing mixed with digital illustration.

Desktop Picnic. Food Delivery. Identity Design.

BBC Worldwide. Sci Fi, Crime, Gold. Idents. Shot on 16mm film. Props, Art Direction, Direction.

Generazione Media. Art Exhibition Catalogue Design.

Area 51. Post Production House. Identity Design.