This is me

I have formed as a Designer starting from Print and Online Branding before dashing into Motion Design Art and Creative Direction. I have mastered techniques encompassing everything from animation to Live Action. I am a strong brand architect and builder able to conceive, develop and produce complex and multidisciplinary projects.

I am noted for dexterity in Multi-tasking, planning and estimating work efficiently under pressure with great attention to detail and quality. I am Self motivated, organised, accountable and fast.

I love to be hands on creating and producing as well as directing and leading a team during design and production including managing a budget and team set up.

I have a developed sense of communication and ability to thoroughly articulate creative concepts and rationale to other team members and client. I am straight forward and direct and appreciate honesty, loyalty, passion and self deprecating humour.

I am eager to exploit what new systems, techniques and processes could bring to the table on any new enterprise. I Love to be working with specialists to bring the more challenging projects to life: using anything from pure intuition and inventiveness to hard core mathematics and coding languages.

I want to create communication with cultural currency and devise Platforms that provide function, content, surprise and value to people’s lives: stuff that gives back to society.

Dream Project: Tap into the brain's unknown.

I thrive in an environment where progressive thinking is conceived outside of the box.





I live in London UK.

Mobile 07984434039
skype: marcoammannati

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